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About Synthos:
Tom Simon launched Synthos to provide agile solutions to a vast range of GIS and mapping-related needs.  Synthos can handle any size of project because of its ability to partner with other experts in the community. With more than 15 years of experience creating mapping tools for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other government projects, Tom offers quality, tailored solutions to meet every client’s needs and budget. In short, Synthos delivers innovative, efficient, and long-lasting results without requiring large investments in GIS infrastructure and staffing. Click on the links below to see some of Synthos’ capabilities:




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About the owner:
Tom Simon is native and life-long resident of Washington state. Leaving his childhood home in Tacoma, Tom earned a bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga and a Master of Science in Geography from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. Always a map nut intrigued with technology, GIS was natural fit. Tom created Synthos to provide flexible, creative solutions in the mapping field.


Tom says "The biggest misconception people have is that GPS/GIS is too expensive or complicated to be accessible to the general population or to smaller businesses. I hope to be one of the people demonstrating that geospatial tools and analysis can be used by anyone, and at a reasonable cost."



Tom enjoys challenges, and a surprise (or two) crops up in every project. It's surprises that stretch our thinking and abilities. The cemetery mapping project in the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, illustrates this point. What began as a straight-forward undertaking evolved into storytelling: Tom and his colleagues, while working on St. Paul Island, created a map of the community cemetery during their down time. This led to a multi-media presentation with interactive maps and videos to help show the history of the Pribilof Islands and the people who lived and worked there. "I was surprised," Tom recalls, "how making a simple map and using the flexible GIS tools expanded the project and touched so many lives."


More than Mapping...Solutions!

No client is too big or too small. For small to moderately complex projects, Tom will handle the work personally. On medium to large projects, Tom works with various partners and will coordinate the needed resources and teaming relationships to produce a quality, efficient solution.


If you are considering a GIS-related project, Tom can bring together the team you need, leveraging his contacts in the industry to provide a cost-effective, quality solution tailored to your needs and budget.


Or maybe you have a quick change you need to make to your existing GIS info, or want some updated maps? Call Tom, he'll take care of it.


Perhaps you have some map-related needs and are unsure how to proceed. An exploratory discussion with Tom is free. He can provide guidance on project goals, identify opportunities for achieving better ROI from your existing data, and evaluate your needs. Tom can also consult as your "internal advisor" to help you develop and evaluate outside bids from larger firms, as well as software solutions.


Call me for help with your next Mapping, Analysis, or Geospatial project need!