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A few comments by our customers...

I have worked with Tom for over 10 years, and have always been impressed by his optimism and “Can-Do” attitude. He is an experienced GPS and GIS professional, who works hard to find the right solution for his clients. Tom is good with people, and understands the balance between technology and people skills needed to get the job done. Most of all, he is honest. You can count on him to do his best to help you meet your goals.   -Minh Trinh, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Tom Simon's services are some of the best around! As a customer of Tom for many years, he has provided outstanding support in web site management/redesigning, complex site surveying using GPS, and robust GIS project development and support. Tom has the ability to see through the many challenges and come up with innovative and cost effective solutions. Tom can also provide you with hands-on easy to follow introduction or customized training in the areas of, GIS, geospatial analysis, and GPS surveying. If you need GIS/analysis, mapping, GPS survey, and web support - Tom is the one you want on your team! . -Will Freemen, Engineer, NOAA National Weather Service

I have know and worked with Tom since 2002 when I joined NOAA as Chief, Safety and Health Division. He was under contract with NOAA on the West Coast performing highly technical IT and related work with later emphasis in GIS mapping. His work is flawless and always on time. Plus he has the rare ability to manage his bosses. Tom also has the intestinal fortitude and stamina to work independently as a small business. He will provide any new customer that personal service to get a project done on time and under budget.
Thomas Altvater, NOAA Dir. of Safety (Retired)

Tom is great to work with, he brings a "can do" mentality to every job, he helps develop and effectively manages client expectations, and delivers quality work on time and within budget. Tom brings a positive attitude and key skills to every project.
Ed Greutert, Booz Allen Hamilton


Tom has been a great help to the NWE team over the years. When we have a deadline and the workload is too much to complete on time, we will then reach out to Tom for help completing the task. Tom has always been quick to respond to my emails and phone calls and gives an honest timeframe how long a task should take. Tom is also there to help when I come across something that I am unfamiliar with and when we looking for new, faster and better techniques to better serve our customers.

-Sierra Camilleri, Northwest Edison



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