Synthos, LLC

GPS, GIS, Mapping, & Analysis Solutions

The power of GIS lies in its ability to take a wide variety of complex information, display it in a georeferenced space, conduct analysis and layer overlay, and then produce meaningful custom map products to communicate clearly to a variety of audiences.


During the last 15+ years I have used GIS at many levels, on a wide variety of projects. From GIS project design, to data management, to environmental sampling design, spatial analysis, and reporting; I have covered the entire life cycle of GIS program implementation.


I seek out and make use of the best, most appropriate, and most cost effective tools to meet my clients' needs. Some examples include:

- USEPA FIELDS: Sample design and analysis software for Environmental applications.

- NOAA's CAMEO software suite.
- ESRI's ArcGIS Suite.
- Trimble Software
- Qgis